Short description

We offer a manifold with five air tube connections. Four connections to the lifting unit compartments and one connection to the air pump/compressor.

More Information

The manifold is provided with a connection for compressed air and for a connection to a gasoline engine driven air pump (air pump can be offered optionally). Included in the manifold offer are 4 air hoses (length 5 meters each) with quick-action couplings to connect the manifold to the lifting unit.

Optionally we offer a special compressed air connection that can be used as well for low-pressure evacuation (to quickly empty the cushions).

Specification Unit
Material air block and frame Stainless steel
Input 1x connection
Manometer Bar/psi 8 pieces
Output 8x hose connection
Height without mounting feet Cm/inch 35/13.78
Height, ready for operation Cm/inch 104/40.94
Width Cm/inch 88.5/34.84
Length Cm/inch 85/33.46
Weight approx. Kg/lbs 40/88